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NW Ski Club Councel
Racer Registration

Each PACRAT race now also counts as a NASTAR race, and you can qualify for the NASTAR National Finals. Each racer will receive a NASTAR medal (either Gold, Silver, or Bronze) at the end of the season. To receive the benefits of both PACRAT and NASTAR, please register for both. NASTAR registration should be accomplished online first, and then also fill out the paper version for PACRAT records. Send all your registration forms as instructed below. One NASTAR form, and 3 PACRAT forms.

NASTAR Online Registration

For existing racers: If you have raced in NASTAR any time since 1997, you are already in the system and all you have to do is sign the NASTAR form each season. To look up your NASTAR number enter your last name in the search box at the top right at may want to check or update the information listed below. Then please fill out the NASTAR Registration form shown under #4 in the PACRAT registration column.

For new racers: Go to on Register and fill out the online form using the information provided below. If you have already raced in NASTAR, enter your last name in the search box at the top right and use your existing NASTAR record. Just update it using the following:

  1. Family/Friends = your Pacrat team name - eg.: Avalanche Express, Brat Chicks, etc.

  2. Club team = "Northwest Ski Club Council"

  3. Resort Team = "PACRAT". Use the scroll arrow to select "PACRAT" for the resort team name.

  4. Enter your personal password.

  5. Scroll down and click on the Register icon. Your confirmation will pop up, containing your:
  • Nastar registration Number - send to your team captain

  • Your Nastar password - keep it to yourself


NASTAR registration instructions  PDF I Word
For more details on all of the above. Print out these instructions to simplify your NASTAR online registration.

PACRAT Registration

Please fill and print out the following 4 forms, and get them to your team captain.

pacrat registration instructions  PDF I Word
Print out these detailed instructions to simplify filling and printing out the PACRAT registration forms.



  1. Team Entry formPDF I Word
    Each racer fills out one line.

  2. Liability Release formPDF I Word
    This form is needed for the ski areas.

  3. Insurance WaiverPDF I Word
    This form is needed for our insurance.

  4. NASTAR Registration formPDF I Word
    This form is used for our internal PACRAT records, while the online registration (To the Left) is used for NASTAR's records.


Fill out and give all these forms to your team captain.

If you need to download Adobe Reader, click on the link below.

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