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2019-20 pacrat Board elections


When: Wednesday June 19th - Meet at 6:00 pm for socializing; meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Pizza provided; beverages are on your own.

Where: Buffalo Gap - 6835 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR

Peter Dodd will be conducting the PACRAT board elections and will be voted on in order of directors list in the PACRAT Bylaws. Job descriptions are available under By-Laws on the "About Us" page.

Current nominees for the 2019-20 PACRAT Board of Directors:

Chair: Peter Dodd - incumbent
Vice-Chair: Geoff Mihalko - incumbent
Race Director: Greg Dilger - incumbent
Results Director: Dale Parshall - incumbent
Secretary: Dan Lane - incumbent
Treasurer: Brian Bogatin
Membership Director: Mary Askew - incumbent
Party Director: Ulla Brunette - incumbent
Sponsorship Director: Sandra Volk

Note: the Past Chair and the two Directors at Large will be appointed by the board, and thus will not be voted on during the election.

If you are interested in running for a board position on the PACRAT Board, please contact Peter Dodd at

Per the PACRAT Bylaws, each team from the previous race season shall be allocated one vote with the maximum number of votes allocated to a representative club being limited to 25% of the total teams with at least 6 racers signed up, rounding down (i.e. if there were 19 teams the maximum number of votes a representative club could have equals 4 (25% of 19 = 4.75 which rounded down is 4)). Teams shall designate the person who gets to vote. In the event a club has more teams than allocated votes, the club shall decide which teams get to vote.

We had 22 teams so the maximum votes for a club is 5. Based upon this year's number of teams, here is the breakdown of clubs and number of votes.

Mt. High - 5 votes
Cascade - 4 votes
Skiyente - 2 votes
Schnee Vogeli - 2 votes
Bergfreunde - 1 vote
PACRAT/Force One - 1 vote

Please make sure you have representatives for each of your teams noted above at the meeting to vote!

Click Here To print a PDF of the above information.

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